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Hooked vs. Hookless

06 March 2024
Performance, safety and compatibility of Hooked vs. Hookless rims

Lina Bo: The story of a cycling influencer

23 November 2023
Around 160,000 fans follow Galina ‘Lina Bo’ Bodnaruk on Instagram. We spoke with the cycling influencer about her story and cycling as a passion.

Good news: Badlands is back!

16 March 2023
September will see the start of one of the hardest and most coveted bikepacking challenges. once again we will be official sponsor of the event.

Tuscany Trail 2023

24 February 2023
Tuscany Trail 2023 changes route and Fulcrum will be there. For the third year we will be supporting the largest bikepacking event in the world: 500 km through the beautiful heart of Italy.

Feel The Race: Wrap up!

06 February 2023
Here’s our wrap up of the year-long Feel the Race project in 2022. A summary of a five-senses experience in a few seconds, from those you lived first hand to you.

Team Enough Interview

03 November 2022
Finding a common trait to define the Enough Collective is no easy thing. We could say that they’re a gravel team, but there’s so much more to them. And if you ever come across them, don’t call them the gravel team, they’d be offended!

Feel The Race: Seeing Lombardia

12 October 2022
Il Lombardia is a bit like seeing the finale. Even though it comes at the end of a very long season, there’s no relief, as you know that come Sunday, you’ll be missing the racing and can’t wait for the next race.

Versatility: the central theme behind our MTB wheels

28 September 2022
Versatile, resistant, suitable for many uses: the MTB wheels Red Zone 3 fulfil a riders’ desire for freedom.

Badlands 2021 Recap

04 August 2022
Just imagine if Sergio Leone were to direct a bike race. There would be deserts, desolation, characters with a dark past and duels to the last blood or pedal stroke. But there’s no need to imagine it. A bike race like this exists in real life, its called Badlands.

Speed 25 Peak Conquering Ride

20 July 2022
You can spend all day talking about a wheel and describing it down to the smallest detail, but there’s no better way to understand how it performs than riding it.

The difficult moments make for the most beautiful memories

12 July 2022
Jonas Deichmann has circumnavigated the globe, covering the distance with 120 Ironman: an epic feat across 429 days that not even the pandemic could stop

Seeing is believing

12 July 2022
A visit to the Fulcrum test laboratory, where quality and reliability take shape

2-Way Fit & MoMag

11 May 2022
The first with a tubeless road system: in 2008 we were the first to experiment tubeless technology in competition, at first they thought we were slightly mad, then they all followed us.

Feel The Race: Hearing Liege

28 April 2022
Liège-Bastogne-Liège it’s the last spring classic and the one most suited to GC men, a natural transition from one day races to the multi-stage tours that are about to begin.

Feel The Race: Touching Roubaix

21 April 2022
Paris-Roubaix is like an excessively tight hug from a loved one. You wait a whole season for it (who wouldn’t want to race a Paris Roubaix?), but as soon as it starts, you already want them to let you go and get it over with as soon as possible.

Feel The Race: Smelling Flanders

07 April 2022
The Tour of Flanders is a complex essence requiring many different ingredients. The best cyclists in the world, the roads of the Belgian countryside, the most animated fans of the whole season and the history of cycling.

Team Buff-Megamo 2022 Cape Epic double interview

31 March 2022
After a wild ride at 2022 Cape Epic, we took the time to chat with the team riders and get their take on the race.⁠

Feel The Race: Tasting Saremo

24 March 2022
Milan-San Remo is a generous portion of spaghetti after a long fast.

Feel The Race

18 March 2022
We don’t know if it’s over. But we can be sure of one thing: after two years the Monuments are back to their full glory, in their proper time of year and with people in the streets.

Imagine having dinner with Lorenzo Cogo

16 March 2022
We met the Michelin-starred Chef at his “Lorenzo Cogo Social Club”: «Cycling? It helps me to think and it’s an antidote to my workaholic nature»

Mud-splattered Victories

18 January 2022
From Absalon to Dahle Flesjå: our MTB adventure includes unique champions and iconic products

Little Dolomites, a bike lover's paradise

07 July 2021
These mountains have countless routes along paved roads and off road: come with us to discover challenging itineraries that will immerse you in history and nature.

All For One: when perfection is a question of teamwork

04 May 2021
Every component in Fulcrum’s wheels works together to create an exceptional system, which benefits performance and durability. Let’s see how.

Focus on gravel: 650b vs 700c

21 April 2021
650b vs 700c, what's the difference?

In Constant Competition

12 April 2021
The story of Jacopo Lahbi and his non-stop challenge to climb Monte Grappa from all of its 10 routes.

How to set up your bike for winter

24 February 2021
Pedalling in winter: how to choose the best wheels and tyres for the job

CULT™ Technology

18 February 2021
What would you do in forty five minutes?

Jonas Deichmann Triahlon 360°

10 December 2020
120 x Ironman and 40,000 Kilometers, an around the world record attempt

You talk the talk, but do you walk the walk?

20 November 2020
We love bikes and everything we do at Fulcrum is driven by what we desire for our own bikes. It's our mission and our goal.

Fulcrum Racing Heritage

10 November 2020
World Championships, Grand Tours & Classics. More than eighty wins in fifteen years alongside cycling’s greats

Elia Viviani vs 2020

02 August 2020
The wheels are turning. We sit down for a chat with the Olympic and European Champion Elia Viviani of team Cofidis.