26 October 2017

Zero Family’s Fastest Representative


Take one of the most successful aluminum wheels of all time, a model fit for the pros, and give it a Fulcrum engineered carbon rim and you have perhapsone of the most exciting packages available for road racing. The Racing Zero Carbon does just that and does it well by incorporating all of the design elements that made its full-metal predecessor THE go-to wheel for road racing cyclists of all levels and adding a new carbon element to improve performance even further.

The Racing Zero in aluminium is available in Racing Zero, Racing Zero Nite and Racing Zero Competizione versions… all of which continue to represent the pinnacle for aluminum racing wheelsets. Technologies such as oversized aluminum drive side flange, USB ceramic bearings, oversized aluminum double-butted spokes in a Two-to-one spoke count and design made for some of the most rigid, reactive and superb handling racing wheels the market has ever seen. Improving upon that design was to prove an arduous task but one that the Fulcrum engineers certainly felt capable of handling. The challenge was not to render the Racing Zero wheelsets in aluminum obsolete but rather to offer an option that went one step further towards wheelwork perfection while maintaining all of the elements that make the Zero family what it has come to represent. The solution: all of the aforementioned technology mated to a completely new and model specific Fulcrum carbon fiber rim. Its name: RACING ZERO CARBON.

The combination of the extremely powerful, precise and performance oriented aluminum components with the extremely lightweight yet phenomenally resistant carbon rim makes for not only a race winning solution but one that is unique in the marketplace. The only aluminum spoke/carbon rim solution available the Racing Zero Carbon maintains the performance attributes of its highly lauded full-metal brethren but does so as the newly crowned lightest wheelset in the entire Fulcrum road lineup. Tipping the scales at a scant 1340gr this clincher wheelset is equally at home in the mountains as it is in the high powered sprint. The wheel’s overall weight is certainly aided by incorporating the carbon fiber rim but reactivity is increased as the rotational mass weighs less and thus abrupt changes in rhythm require less energy. The completely new 30mm profile rim benefits from a new and sophisticated carbon layup that takes advantage of a newly developed “longitudinal twill” fiber pattern that confers a very rigid, reactive and resistant structure while offering a slight degree of elasticity, which, in turn, improves handing and tracking through corners. Its C17 class width makes it perfect for both 25 and 28mm clincher tires and offer a surefooted stance that further improves the wheels handling and comfort.

With all of the aforementioned tech it is quite evident that Fulcrum engineers were successful in making a #fulcrumfast wheel even faster but the new carbon fiber rim also adds a new feature that gives the Racing Zero Carbon some serious elements of control. With the inclusion of AC3, or All Conditions Carbon Control technology upon the brake track the braking power remains astounding no matter the weather or course found before the rider on any given day. Stronger in the dry but unrivaled in the wet, with Racing Zero Carbon there are ZERO problems with racing or riding in the wet.


The Racing Zero Carbon stands on the shoulders of perhaps one of the most successful wheelsets of all time in an effort to raise the standard even further.  Its racing pedigree is not lost and this new Zero wheelset craves competition more so than anything before it. Lightweight for the steepest climbs, highly reactive for the hardest sprint, aerodynamic enough to excel in any situation and a powerful braking surface describe a wheelset that fears no other. Take your Racing Zero experience to the next level: Racing Zero Carbon. 

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