Fulcrum Racing 3 official debut


26 October 2017

Universally lauded wheel updated for even better performance 


The Fulcrum Racing 3 has been such a highly successful wheel through the years thanks to its no-compromise performance/reliability relationship. The aluminum clincher wheelset has become so popular to its somewhat dual personality. It is every bit performance oriented enough to fulfill the role of race day wheelset but it is equally adept at retaining that performance kilometer after hard kilometer making it a faithful training companion as well.  The newest version of the Racing 3 maintains that race readiness and reliability and adds not only a few new performance attributes but also a styling update to render it all the more compatible with elegant race-day bikes.

The performance characteristics of the previous version such as rear wheel Two-to-one spoke design and oversized flange, adjustable cup and cone bearing system, aerodynamic straight pull spokes continue to be used in this new model. However, they are mated to a new, triple milled T6, pre-aged aluminum rim that comes in a new 17C format. The wider rim stance creates a perfect tire/rim interface, optimized for 25 and 28mm clincher tires. By creating a wider rim channel, the tire takes a more efficient shape in terms of both aerodynamics as well as handling, making this already fast wheel all the more race ready. Thanks to its MoMag construction, which eliminates spoke holes on the tire side of the rim, not only is the inner tube protected and the need for rim tape eliminated but the overall structure retains more integrity and takes on a more resistant form. The front rim has a 25mm depth while the rear measures 30mm. The Racing 3 incorporates a shallower front profile in an effort to keep control to a maximum where crosswinds can negatively influence handling. The added depth of the rear rim aids in keeping the structure stable and rigid in the face of high torque application while also adding the benefit of aerodynamics in an area less prone to side wind interference.  To keep that rear wheel as structurally sound and mechanically efficient as possible the Racing 3 makes us of its proprietary Two-to-one spoke ratio, locating double the spoke count on the drive side, thus compensating for the asymmetric nature of torque application deriving from the drivetrain.

Both rims take advantage of the R2 Milling process which eliminates unnecessary material while leaving it in areas such as nipple inserts that are exposed to greater stress. By incorporating this technology rotational mass is reduced, reactivity is increased and reliability is maintained. Add a completely redesigned hub flange, plasma treated HG freewheel and aerodynamic, straight-pull, stainless steel spokes and you have a ton of tech in a respectably lightweight 1560gr package. Performance benefits from the hard work the engineering staff have put into giving an already respected wheelset even more credibility, however, the newest Racing 3 brings with it new and improved design elements to keep its appearance as smooth as its functionality. A new CNC finishing technique in addition to a new sleek and refined styling make this wheel equally as stunning visually as it is in terms of performance.


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