Fulcrum presents the new 35 mm Racing Quattro and Racing Quattro CX wheelsets.
Both have been developed with usability as well as performance in mind. Racing Quattro is an aerodynamic wheelset that also offers exceptional ride quality, durability, as well as a responsive, smooth ride- both when climbing in the mountains and when aerodynamics are of supreme importance on the flats.

Even with the aerodynamic profile the total wheel weight is only 1,725 grams.

Fulcrum also presents the new 35 mm Racing Quattro in a cyclocross specific version- the racing Quattro CX. The CX is equipped with double seals to protect the bearings from mud and contamination, and extreme conditions.

The new Racing Quattro is both versatile and aggressive, and designed as an excellent all-around wheel for the passionate rider.

The Racing Quattro is hand-built by Fulcrum wheel builders, and 100% quality inspected. Quality is also ensured by automated quality control checks in order to ensure the best performance and durability.



- New 35mm rim. Developed to strike the perfect balance between aerodynamic efficiency, handling and lightness. The 35mm rim profile increases torsional and lateral stiffness compared with a conventional profile, for improved high speed stability.
- double-butted steel spokes with aero profile: enable maximum aerodynamic penetration
- spoke anti-rotation system: keeps the spokes consistently in the position of maximum aerodynamic penetration.
- aluminium nipples: make it possible to reduce the peripheral mass of the wheel to the minimum, thus increasing its reactivity


- oversized flange on the drive side: provides greater torsional stiffness, increases reactivity at each change in rhythm of the pedal stroke.
- Adjustable ball bearing system in ultra high quality steel: for reduced friction and maximum performance even after extensive use. Quick and easy to adjust
- aluminium axle: reduces the overall weight of the wheel.

Racing Quattro Immagine