Optimal engineering solutions for road wheels, gravel wheels, MTB wheels, triathlon wheels and E-bike wheels.


Quality, performance and reliability are the pillars of everything we do at Fulcrum®. Our wheelsets are the result of meticulous in house research & development and severe testing protocols. Whichever material you choose, aluminum or carbon, you can be sure of having the distinctive character of Fulcrum’s® wheels.

From high-end professional super wheels to best value budget-friendly wheelsets, we pursue the optimal engineering combination of materials and technology to produce the best road wheels, gravel wheels and MTB wheels possible and keep you focused on the road or trail ahead and riding consistently.


The Fulcrum® range of road bike wheels offers lightweight and reliable wheelsets for every condition, course, discipline and budget. From the professional level full carbon aero wheels, to the high performance aluminium line, Fulcrum® has the perfect wheel to match your performance. Our engineers have developed optimal technical solutions, from proprietary ceramic bearings to disc brakes and tubeless compatibility, to achieve minimal rolling resistance, ensure maximum safety and provide you with long-term reliable and trouble-free riding fun.



Since its beginning Fulcrum® has focused on producing the most performance oriented and resistant wheels available for mountain bikes. We have applied our passionate and exacting dedication to quality and durability to all our off-road wheels. From gram-counting XC and Marathon wheels, to sturdy and reliable All Mountain and Enduro wheels, you can be sure that you won’t be stranded wherever you choose to explore. The Fulcrum® MTB line follows our mission of producing the best wheel for every discipline and every condition.



Gravel means something different to every one of us and therein lies its beauty. Bikepacking? Unsupported bike races? Breaking free from the constraints of tarmac roads to explore further towards new horizons? All of this and more has ensured that what seemed like a niche trend has become a different way to enjoy cycling by all. Fulcrum® has all your options covered, from 650b gravel wheels to 700c gravel whels, we’ll keep you rolling and smiling.



Ultimate efficiency and speed. In short these are the goals of every athlete who toes the start line of a Triathlon, regardless of the distance, whether Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman or the full Ironman. Our engineers carry out extensive aerodynamic research and development to create high profile aero bike wheels that can achieve optimal air penetration and high speeds, without compromising handling, so that you can shave away precious time from your performance. Whether it’s a local event or the Kona Ironman World Championships Fulcrum® has the fastest aero bike wheels for your race.



Fulcrum’s® E-MTB project applies our long-term expertise in creating lightweight and reliable wheels to the new demands of electric bikes. Whilst increasing the fun factor, with faster speeds and greater exploring potential, E-MTBs have also increased the stresses placed on the wheels through the greater forces applied to the drive train by the motor and the stronger impacts. From Enduro to Trail Riding, whether you’re looking to race in one of the newly-established e-bike category or simply want to climb your local hill with less time and effort, Fulcrum’s® E-MTB line has the perfect wheel for any use.



Extra power means extra freedom. E-bikes have opened up the potential and joy of riding, from commuting to riding and exploring further afield. This new potential comes with added stresses for the components, which has led the Fulcrum® engineers to redesign every aspect of our E-Road and E-Gravel wheelsets to meet the greater demands placed by the weight of the bike and the power of the motor.