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2:1 Two-to-One Spoke Ratio™ - Disc Brake

2:1 Two-to-One Spoke Ratio™ - Disc Brake

A system that is as simple as it is effective, the result of the ingenuity of Fulcrum® engineers and attentive observation of the results of the tests performed on the wheels on a daily basis.

These tests made it possible to understand that the forces that act on the sides of the wheels, and therefore on the spokes, are extremely different; but what’s more, the differences between the front and rear wheels are also evident and significant. The front wheel, in fact, has to remain stable even during braking of the disk on the left side, and the rear wheel, in addition to the sprocket set, has to compensate for the traction of the force on the chain side.

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The idea

How can we keep the wheel perfectly in balance even when it is stressed by braking and acceleration? By doubling the number of spokes and positioning them in such a way that, for each stress on one side of the wheel, there is an equal and opposite force on the other side. This may seem like a simple solution, but especially on harsh and demanding terrains like those of off-road riding, the 2:1 Two-to-One™ system is crucial for ensuring consistent control of your bike even in the most critical situations.

The advantages

The advantages are truly striking.
By pressing the brake, the front wheel maintains the right trajectory and does not deviate, while the rear wheel, precisely due to this spoking system, reaches a high level of torsional stiffness that enables the optimal transfer of power to the wheel. The 2:1 Two-to-OneTM system also allows to reduce the unit load sustained by each spoke, and then to minimise the mechanical stress which will give a long life to the wheel.