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Monoblock hub for Disc

Monoblock hub for Disc

The rear hub of a top-quality disc brake wheel is a technical problem to be solved. Fulcrum®’s R&D department found itself facing a fundamental choice: on which side to put the oversize flange of the Two-to-one™ system? Disc or sprocket side? Without question - must stay on the sprocket side.
To combat the loss of braking power from flex and torque of the connector between the two sides of the hub, a special one-piece system has been devised with internal stiffening ribs.


The end result

The end result is maximum torque transmission while pedalling and forces coming from the disc on the opposite side when braking.
In this way the system works both accelerating and braking, when spokes that are more numerous and with more dishing are involved.
At the same time, the other side confirms the spokes’ radial layout, saving precious weight.