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Cult™ - Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology™

Cult™ - Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology™

Behind this project is the exclusiveness of Cronitect® steel, using “Advanced by FAG” technology by Schaeffler Group employed for the bearing races. This steel is resistent to the corrosion of the highest level until the point that no grease is necessary for lubrication, maybe just a small amount of oil.
The top quality ceramic balls, thanks to the absence of lubricating grease and the precision machine of the cup and cone technology, allow to reduce the friction coefficient drastically and then increase the smoothness of triathlon and road bike wheels by as much as 9 times compared to standard bearings.
An outstanding result achieved by using cutting-edge technologies in the field of materials processing.

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The difference

The test performed involves spinning the wheel to 500 rpms then letting it decelerate.
The test results are amazing: the road bike wheels equipped with CULT™ ball bearings continues its motion for a full 45 minutes, i.e. nine times longer than standard bearings.