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ARC technology

ARC technology

Material only where needed, not where it is superfluous.  Orienting the carbon fibers with the desired result in mind, thinking of the rim and the sort of wheel we are creating. 
This is the concept that inspired the Fulcrum R&D division in their development of ARC, the new technology used for layering the sheets of carbon in the mold to create different zones depending on vibration during racing.

During study of the rim, the stress points and directions of the forces when accelerating and braking are analyzed to help decide which carbon to use and how to layer it in the finished project. 

The critical zones, where reinforcement is needed, are usually the spoke eyelets, while the rest of the rim is lightened as much as possible. The difference in material between these two zones can be as much as 20%, acting as reinforcement trussing for the pillars of a bridge. 

When requirements are different why use the same structure? Better to choose the most suitable in terms of lightness or fiber direction. 

For rim construction, we have chosen T800 high modulus carbon, which guarantees the best weight/performance ratio, as well as enabling complex processing directly in the mold without the need for further stages.

Its outside-the-box look therefore derives from a technical requirement, enhancing the character of the wheel and above all further raising the level of the wheel’s response modulation during racing:  every cm² is called on to do its job in creating the best combination.