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The wheels are the contact element with the ground, where the shocks from the ground first discharge.

When the suspensions work at maximum capacity, the frame collects and distributes the stress, the system is subjected to really high forces.It is during jumps, when we go over potholes, or take bends at high-speed, during the most exiting moments, and the more thrilling downhills that we demand the most from our bike.

The wheel-tyre system, in this respect, must guarantee stability during repeated stress. At the same time, our engineers certainly could not guarantee this by adding material: weight must always be low, to keep the ride pleasant and reactive.

It was decided to develop an internal support architecture, a bridge insert positioned diagonally, so that it can counter the front shocks.

By leveraging the structure geometry, the load is distributed on the whole rim, preventing thus excessive compression.

The maximum result with the minimum weight load: this detail allowed a 10% side rigidity increase and a 14% increase on the vertical one, changing thus drastically the overall performance.