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Differentiated profile delta for e-mtb

Differentiated profile delta for e-mtb

The front and rear wheels of a mountain bike have two very distinct roles. While they both must must roll in an efficient manner the front wheel is tasked more with rideability and handling while the rear must carry more weight and transfer power from the drivetrain. 

The increased weight, added power and more extreme forces represented by the E-MTB only serve to make great design for the specific needs of each wheel all the more necessary. As a result, Fulcrum E-MTB wheels incorporate specific profiles for front and rear.

The front rim is more rigid and aids in maneuverability while the rear rim (with lower in profile) is flatter and reinforced to deal with the larger impacts in a more efficient and comfortable manner.

Asymmetrical: this is a well know solution for Fulcrum, and it is also confirmed for the E-Mtb project.
The asymmetry makes it possible to leverage on the inclination and length of the spokes to optimise the forces coming from the cogset and from the disc brake during the braking operation. This makes it possible for all elements to work together and create the ideal balance.