• What tyre widths are compatible with my wheels?

    There is a rim-width-tyre-width compatibility table in the “Technical Specifications” chapter of the User Manual that comes with the tyres. The manuals are also available on this website.

    Please note that as of December 2021, a new rim-tyre-pressure compatibility table has been added for some wheels in the range. This table can be viewed in the “Documentation/Technical manuals” area at this link:

  • Which tubeless tyres can I use with 2WF-Ready road wheels?

    As of January 2021, it is no longer necessary to use only Schwalbe tubeless tyres when converting to tubeless. Consult the updated Procedure For Transforming The Wheels Into The 2-Way Fit Ready Version (Road) in the “Documentation/Technical manuals” area at this link: https://www.fulcrumwheels.com/en/support/download-area/download-technical-documentation-en-0258

  • Why does the 2021 rim-tyre-pressure compatibility table not apply to some wheels in the 2021 range and to wheels not in the current range?
    Because the rim sections of these wheels have a different geometry which does not allow the use of tyres with a particularly narrow cross-section, as set out in the table.
  • What type of grease should I use to lubricate the FW body?
    To protect the racks and ratchets from rust and reduce the noise, use synthetic lithium-based grease.
  • What type of grease should I use to lubricate the bearings?

    For CULT bearings, use synthetic oil with these characteristics:

    - Fully synthetic 

    - Good low temperature performance

    - Good corrosion protection

    - Good wear protection

    - Solvent-free 

    For all other types of bearing (USB, standard), use synthetic lubricant grease.

  • Can I transform my wheels from HH12 though-axle to QR?
    Yes, there are kits for transforming the wheel configuration. Contact your local Fulcrum Store.
  • What does 2-WAY FIT mean?
    2-Way Fit is the wheel profile that allows you to fit either a tubeless tire or a classic clincher tire. So you can fit the valves for tubeless tires and normal clincher tires with the same effectiveness.
  • Who can I contact for servicing Fulcrum products?
    Most qualified mechanics are able to carry out the main servicing and repair operations on our products, but if this is not possible you can always contact the Fulcrum Service Center in your country.