06 April 2020

The Black Label line reaches the top of the Fulcrum ZERO range

In the wake of the success of the Racing Zero CMPTZN version, we have extended the black on black option to our iconic Racing Zero Carbon wheel. This legendary wheelset featuring a low profile rim is unique for reactivity, light weight and reliability. A unique feeling that only those who have tried the Fulcrum Zero can understand.

The new model follows the most minimalist trends in terms of looks, thereby making the technical choices taken by our engineers even more astonishing. Restyling did not stop at aesthetics alone, despite being the most eye-catching and inspiring aspect, but focused above all on the heart.

The Racing Zero Carbon CMPTZN DB now mounts CULT bearings which in addition to ensuring unparalleled smoothness also make the wheel 10 grams lighter. CULT™ (CERAMIC ULTIMATE LEVEL TECHNOLOGY™) bearings are made using a special steel for the bearing races: the material offers extremely high corrosion resistance so that the bearings can be lubricated with a thin layer of oil instead of standard bearing grease. The high quality ceramic ball bearings, thanks to the absence of lubricating grease and the precision of the bearings themselves, help drastically reduce the friction coefficient, thus increasing the smoothness of the wheels by as much as 9 times compared to standard solutions. This means that CULT™ bearings help riders maintain higher speeds and save valuable energy.

The carbon rim has a dual unidirectional carbon finish with ARC TECHNOLOGY reinforcements and a Twill carbon finish in the areas surrounding the nipple thereby reinforcing the rim at the most critical points. All with an aesthetic effect that makes the rim unmistakable even when viewed from a distance.

The profile retains the characteristics of the traditional version: 30 mm high profile, 19 mm internal width and above all the 2-Way Fit™ technology that allows to use both clincher or tubeless tyres without the need to add any rim-tape since the internal channel is completely without holes - a patented technology. The technical package is completed by the characteristic 2:1 spoke lacing (different for front and rear wheel) including aerodynamically shaped parts and the MoMag™ solution which allows to adjust the spoke tension via the nipples without having to drill the rim on its upper portion.

Racing Zero Carbon CMPTZ DB confirms its DNA: the absolute benchmark among multi-purpose wheels, now with an extra touch of style and elegance, a wheelset ready to accompany enthusiasts on their next challenges, especially when facing 2-digit gradient climbs.

Availability: immediate

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