New Wind 42 and Wind 57

New Wind 42 and Wind 57

13 September 2023

The Wind of Change

Supreme versatility.


The new Wind 42 and 57 wheels mark Fulcrum’s continued evolution, as encapsulated by Form, Function, Fulcrum, where form and function are two indissoluble concepts inextricably linked together.

Designed with the aim of balancing performance and comfort, the Wind 42 and 57 guarantee fluid handling and versatility. In fact the new wheels are not solely for road use, as they can also handle light off-road riding too (ASTM category 2), so that your fun can extend beyond traffic-congested roads. This project embraces the various ways that people are using road bikes lately.

From the range-topping Speed family, in terms of performance, the Wind 42 and 57 inherit many of Fulcrum’s proprietary technologies, to offer a superior ride feel compared to the previous generation.
Handling has been improved by 22% and reactivity by +10%* on these versatile and comfortable wheels, making them perfect for modern cyclists.

Amongst the most evident changes there are the rims whose height has been raised to 42 and 57 mm respectively, with an inner rim channel of 23 mm. The graphics have been completely redesigned too and reflect the new Form Function Fulcrum brand identity, with a minimal and at the same time refined design, which includes new icons that provide all the product’s technical information.


The rim

The Wind rims are higher and wider than the previous generation. At the same time the overall weight has been reduced, thanks to the new mix of carbon fibres and their layup inside the mould.

The previous 40 and 55 mm versions have been replaced by the 42 and 57 mm versions, with an inner rim channel of 23 mm, which provides a better support for the wider tires that have become de rigueur on the road too, due to their improved performance in terms of rolling resistance and comfort.

The design of the rim is identical to the Speed 42 and 57, whilst the mix of carbon fibres used changes. The Wind range uses the FF80 mix, which has allowed for a weight saving of 100 grams on average per pair, compared to the previous Wind generation. The Wind 42 mm now weigh 1,510 grams and the Wind 57 mm 1,585 grams.


Spokes and hub

The constant long-term performance of the wheels has been guaranteed by using stainless steel butted spokes, Ø 2.0, 1.8, 2.0, with self-locking aluminium nipples.   

The spokes have been laced with the Two-to-One™ system, which doubles the spokes in the areas subject to greater stresses and prevents the dispersion of energy and contrasts the torsional force. The spokes cross on both sides but never touch each other to prevent rubbing and deformations, so that the mechanical characteristics are not altered over time.

The forged hub ensures greater mechanical resistance to the various forces. The sealed bearings work on an integral axis which can be adjusted with the preload ring nut, to minimise wear and guarantee exceptional smoothness.

The ratchet system of the freewheel has been reinforced and increased in size so that now it houses 36 teeth. The wheel is available with Campagnolo N3W, Shimano HG and Sram XDR freewheel bodies.

The Wind family, with the latest 42 and 57 mm versions, is Fulcrum’s answer to the modern cyclist, who is looking for a versatile and high performance wheel that can guarantee a unique riding experience.

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