04 July 2019

We understand technical evolution as painstaking attention to product development, and it’s one of the cornerstones of all projects that come out of our R&D Department. The Fulcrum spirit entails a constant effort to pick up and seize on new trends and keep pace with the most advanced technologies available.

It’s only to be expected, therefore, that our research maintains a focus on the evolution of drivetrains for mountain bikes, in order to offer perfect compatibility between wheels and the most popular models found on the market. That means 11 speeds first, then 12, single or double chain ring at the front, accompanied by various FW bodies.
Wheel and groupset essentially work in synergy to transfer the cyclist’s energy to the ground; it’s important to be able to choose the perfect set-up for your bike unhampered by technical limitations.

This is why we adopted Shimano's MICROSPLINE standard as soon as the new racing drivetrains for 12-speed mountain bikes were presented, and will introduce the ground-breaking technology throughout our range 

The MICROSPLINE option will be available on all MTB and E-MTB wheels in the MY2020 catalogue.
At the same time, it will be possible to convert all wheels in the Red Zone, Red Metal and Red Fire range and all previously purchased and used E-MTBs featuring different bodies using a conversion kit comprising body and pivot.

It is now possible to choose the reliability, fluidity and accurate ride of Fulcrum wheels also on mountain bikes equipped with Shimano’s new XTR, XT and SLX groupsets. This will of course apply to all subsequent drivetrains that adopt the Shimano's MICROSPLINE standard.

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