Speed 40 and Speed 55 CMPTZN DB

Speed 40 and Speed 55 CMPTZN DB

26 November 2020

The Speed family dons a total black look. Maximum lightness and minimum rolling resistance, with distinctive style.  

Cutting edge technology, experience garnered in the racing world and a passion for details are the ingredients that you need to develop a product that can amaze even those used to riding the pinnacle of technological evolution, like the professionals of Team Cofidis. This is our approach and with the new Speed 40 and Speed 55 CMPTZN DB wheels we wanted to bring together the technological achievements of our R&D department with a unique and eye-catching design. Whether you’re toeing the line of a Granfondo, sprinting for the KOM on your local hill or making your riding companions envious, the new Speed CMPTZN DB wheels have been designed to provide the most exacting cyclists with the same levels of performance that Fulcrum reserves for World Tour athletes.

As soon as you set your eyes on them you can see why the Speed CMPTZN DB are different. The new models share the same Black Label graphics of the Racing Zero CMPTZN family. The look is decidedly racing, without getting stuck in superfluous details. The elegant and minimalist design not only gives the wheels a unique and timeless look, but also saves weight, no small matter considering that with top of the range wheels, every gram counts.

The innovations are not limited to the total black graphics. The true challenge lay in trying to improve the superlative Fulcrum Speed 55 DB, launched in April 2020, with which the Speed CMPTZN DB wheels share certain technical aspects, such as the full carbon rim with “Twill“ finish and the 2:1 spoke pattern. But this time we wanted to optimise a top of the range product, by improving its rolling resistance and lightness. The obvious choice was our CULT™ bearings that, thanks to highly corrosion resistant steel races and ceramic bearings, allow us to save weight (10 grams less than the Speed 55 DB) and achieve unequalled levels of rolling resistance. Being able to lubricate the bearings with a drop of oil instead of grease, as well as the machining precision of the bearings, reduces friction and increases their performance levels by up to nine times compared to traditional solutions, with a saving of up to 3.5 watts per pedal stroke. In other words the new Speed CMPTZN DB let you reach faster speeds with less effort, the ideal solution for those looking for absolute performance. Along with the considerable improvement in terms of mechanical performance, the new hubs of the Speed CMPTZN DB have also undergone a matt black restyling, to complement the black on black graphics of the rims.    

Versatility is another key aspect of the Speed CMPTZN DB. The new models are available in the 2-WAY FIT version, which lets you choose whether to run them tubeless (for lower rolling resistance and greater puncture resistance) or with clinchers (for traditionalists). The inner rim width of 19 mm gives you additional freedom in terms of the tyres that can be fitted, although the true racing pedigree of these wheels becomes apparent with 25mm or 28mm tyres.

Designed in a 40mm medium profile (Speed 40) and a 55mm high profile (Speed 55) version, the Speed CMPTZN DB wheels will be available immediately in a limited quantity, before an increase in production in February 2021.

The Speed CMPTZN DB wheels are the result of constant feedback from the racing world. By working in synergy with Team Cofidis we have been able to design a set of off the shelf wheels that use the same technological solutions developed specifically for Elia Viviani and used in competition by the sprinter from Verona, such as, for example, including CULT™ bearings. Because #fulcrumfast is not just our vision, but the choice of true champions.



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