14 April 2020

A new and even more performing profile for the Fulcrum SPEED family.

The obsession with speed is what drives our research in the road bike sector. #fulcrumfast is a daily mantra in our offices in Vicenza spreading from the R&D department to conversations with the cyclists in sponsored professional teams. The development of the Speed range has always responded to the challenge of building high-performance wheels in aerodynamic terms while also continuously keeping abreast of the latest technological and design innovations.

The new rim profile characterizing the Speed 55 DB is a further step forwards in the search for the best aerodynamic performance. The model therefore focuses on a demanding and "racing" audience. To improve the rolling resistance (and ultimately the speed) of the wheel/tyre system, we designed this model in the 2-WAY FIT version, thus making it fully compatible with tubeless tyres granting minimal rolling resistance, as well as clincher tyres. The manufacturing process of the carbon fibre rim without holes in the internal channel - a patented construction technology - also allows a stronger and sturdier construction capable of withstanding even the most extreme racing conditions.  The rim with a 19 mm inner width perfectly matches recent trends of using increasingly wider tyres - a choice that further improves the aerodynamic performance of the wheel/tyre system. This data has been validated by intensive wind tunnel studies and trials where new projects are tested on a regular basis. SPEED 55 DB proved to be the best option in terms of aerodynamic penetration indexes in the Fulcrum range and is derived from the profiles developed for the tubular version used by World Tour teams.

The SPEED range not only responds in terms of aerodynamic performance. Optimizing performance also requires the wheels to be light and run smooth. The scale stops at 1580 gr and we have chosen to add ceramic USB bearing components. The bearings are contained in a carbon fibre front hub and an alloy rear hub, with a specifically designed spoke drilling pattern to eliminate superfluous material.

So much evolution and technology could not fail to attract the interest of the Cofidis Team, especially Elia Viviani who has already had the opportunity to test the wheels in training: his comment was extremely positive.
"All the Fulcrum wheels that I've tried in recent months have impressed me, both in training and while racing. There is always the right wheel for the different needs. SPEED 55 DB is definitely one more weapon I will be delighted to use," said the champion from Verona.

Availability: immediate

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