26 April 2019

While the entire range of Fulcrum wheels can boast adding #fulcrumfast performance to any frame, the wheels under the SPEED moniker are those that are capable of making those same frames #fulcrumfastest. The Speed wheels, since their inception, have been developed in order to represent the maximum of performance technology that the Fulcrum engineers can produce in order to satisfy the demands of even the most demanding professional rider.

First introduced in tubular format for rim brakes, for those same professional riders, the Speed family has grown to offer a wide variety of solutions as top performance should not be limited to only one type of rider with one type of ride. The latest in this long line of innovations comes in the form of perhaps the most versatile and certainly most modern solution in the prestigious history of the Speed range: SPEED 40 DB. The newest member of the Speed family is a fantastic example of a performance offering that takes into account the future of road performance design.

The Speed 40 DB is a top-end, full-carbon racing wheelset (as its name denotes) made specifically for disc brake use. However, the carbon fiber rim with twill carbon finishing brings forth the lion’s share of the novelties associated with the new wheelset. By incorporating Fulcrum’s 2-WAY FIT technology this new model is perfectly compatible with both clincher or tubeless tires. The undrilled carbon fiber rim production method allows for not only a perfect structure for tubeless or clincher tire choices (as it is void of any hole other than that of the valve) but makes for a sturdier, stronger structure capable of withstanding even the toughest racing situations. Versatility of tire choice is coupled with a modern, wider rim in order to better adapt to the larger tire formats that are increasingly popular amongst not only amateurs but also the professional riders. The inner width of the rim measures 19mm, thus allowing the tire (from 23mm or larger) to take on an extremely aerodynamic shape in relation to the highly aerodynamic 40mm rim whose sophisticated shape reaches a maximum width of 26,5mm.

As a top performance racing wheelset its must be efficient in a 360° manner and as such, in addition to aerodynamic qualities it must be both lightweight and smooth rolling. Extremely efficient USB ceramic bearings reduce rolling resistance to a minimum and keep the rider moving forward without internal friction holding him or her back. Those same bearings are housed in a carbon fiber front hub and an alloy rear hub, specifically drilled to eliminate superfluous material, in order to keep the overall weight to a highly respectable low weight of 1470 grams for the pair.

As with all previous models of Fulcrum Speed wheels the SPEED 40 DB is a fantastic solution for a specific use for those looking for a specific outcome: winning races. Fulcrum Speed performance meets both disc brake specific design and modern tire compatibility advancements together with tried, tested and universally lauded Fulcrum construction.

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