Red Zone Carbon

Red Zone Carbon

26 January 2022

Unlocking the elements

Reactivity and strength are the key words of Fulcrum’s return to the MTB arena. These two concepts have guided the development of the new Red Zone Carbon, a wheel that can handle challenging off-road terrain for demanding riders.


Red Zone Carbon is the result of a long research and development process involving all elements of a wheel. From the individual rims, hubs and spokes, to most importantly, the wheel as a whole, Fulcrum has created a system that meets the demands of high-level bikers. Lightness and reactivity on one hand, for maximum performance uphill, and a high level of vertical absorption and resistance on the other, for the peace of mind of riders who want to abandon themselves to the adrenaline of heading downhill with confidence.

Red Zone Carbon is Fulcrum’s new formula for modern MTB use, with all our experience distilled in each component. A functional and unique design is married with a new matt finish straight from the mould (DIMF), with all the specifications that a rider expects from an XC/Marathon or Down Country wheel: inner rim width of 28 mm, light and extremely smooth rolling rim in a wheel fully-produced in Europe, with the majority of parts manufactured in Italy.


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