Rapid Red Carbon


Rapid Red Carbon

23 September 2021

Crossing Landscapes Fast

Control and power across white unpaved roads, trails and roots. Checkpoints in a race and checkpoints across the landscape of a journey planned, as dots that you want to join together, bringing maps to life. The Rapid Red Carbon 700C are the wheels that will ensure that you cross the landscape quickly and have fun doing it.


Over 4300 hours of severe lab testing and a restless pursuit of technical perfection have brought to life a wheel proven to last in severe conditions and that won’t hold you back to race yourself or explore new landscapes.

From the asymmetric carbon rim design optimizing tension, the light & tough non drilled rim bridge laced with 28 straight pull spokes to an adjustable cup & cone bearings hub, all the elements work as one to amaze with a 1490-gram wheelset designed for gravel.

"Lightness and reactivity are guaranteed by the S-Shape asymmetrical profile carbon rim. This technology improves the balance between the tension of the spokes, decreasing the difference in the dish angle between the spokes on both sides of the wheel. The optimised balance ensures long term performance levels. Moreover the unique shape of the rim profile increases stiffness by 2.5% compared to a traditional U-shaped profile."



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