Racing 4, 5 & 6 DB


Racing 4, 5 & 6 DB

02 June 2021

Reliable and versatile disk brake

Tubeless ready, wider rims and faster engagement across the range.
Reliability, versatility and winning looks are the key words of the new Racing DB, Fulcrum’s range of entry-level aluminium wheels for disc brakes equipped road bikes.
First launched in 2018, the three new versions of our ever popular, Racing 4, 5 & 6 DB have been redesigned from the ground up. All are now tubeless ready - with 2-Way Fit Ready. All with wider rim profiles - to better support modern tyre preferences. All with faster freehub engagement for a more direct power transfer and better ride dynamics.  
The aim is to provide wheels that ensure reliable performance in different conditions, whether it’s finding the right training setup, riding long distances or choosing a second set of wheels to fit to your gravel bike. And as per the #fulcrumfast tradition, the three new models feature a clean and minimalist racing look, that will still turn heads on your ride.


Racing 4 DB


Thanks to the 34mm medium profile, the new Racing 4 DB wheels achieve the perfect balance between aerodynamics, riding precision and versatility. They are ideal for climbing without sacrificing stability once the speed increases on the descents. In fact these wheels have been chosen by the Cofidis team for their training setup. Compared to the 2018 model, the aluminium rim profile of the new version has been CNC machined and lightened, and the inner rim width has been increased to 19 mm (the previous model was 17 mm wide) so that it can easily fit 25 mm tyres. The wheels also feature 2-Way Fit Ready technology for clinchers and tubeless tyres (tubeless tape installed and valves included). Aesthetically the new Racing 4 DB line features striking laser etched graphics that will resist whatever the weather throws at them.



Racing 5 DB


The new Racing 5 DB wheels are the perfect choice for endurance bikes. The lower aerodynamic resistance and decreased stiffness, achieved with the lower 24 mm U-shaped profile, makes them the ideal technical choice for long rides without having to worry about climbing, rain or wind, with a consequent saving in energy and increased comfort. In this case to the aluminium rim has seen an increase in the inner channel width, up to 20 mm from the previous model’s 17 mm, and the addition of the innovative 2-Way Fit Ready system, to comfortably fit 25-28 mm tyres, both clinchers and tubeless (tubeless tape installed and valves included). The aesthetics have undergone the same intervention as the Racing 4 DB model, with the new laser etched graphics, ensuring the long life of their striking design.



Racing 6 DB


This is the entry-level model of the Racing DB family which guarantees performance and reliability at a budget friendly price. The great versatility of these wheels, whether training or on road rides with a gravel bike, is ensured by the new low profile 24 mm aluminium rims and an inner rim channel of 20 mm, with the 2-Way Fit Ready system. The technical specifications of the Racing 6 DB ensure that they excel in different situations, climbing as well as windy conditions, and they can also fit wider tyres, clincher or tubeless (tubeless tape installed and valves included).



The Racing DB models are available now from all Fulcrum dealers.


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