Racing 3 DB: Versatile Excellence for Discerning Cyclists

Racing 3 DB: Versatile Excellence for Discerning Cyclists

22 November 2018

Fulcrum proudly presents the newest member of its Racing family with an extension of its already wide selection of disc brake specific wheelsets. The Fulcrum Racing 3 DB represents the newest and perhaps most versatile wheelset to date. Its aluminum construction and performance design make it a surprisingly efficient and reliable wheelset, sure to please no matter where it is put to the test. 

As #fulcrumfast is always associated with long-lasting performance it is only fitting that the Racing 3 DB be released only when it met that lofty criteria inherent with all wheels branded with the red F logo. That being said, performance is not a specific concept but rather one that can be applied to products that excel in their intended use. While the Fulcrum Racing 3 DB can certainly be used for pure road racing, it excels in road endurance and gravel, making it an extremely versatile all-around wheel. 

Performance does not always require rigidity and for endurance or gravel scenarios a more comfortable and compliant wheelset translates to better riding. The Racing 3 DB's construction allows it to be 25% more comfortable than the pure road racing specific Racing Zero for example.

Such comfort comes as a result of many new construction factors, one such being the 19mm rim design made from premium T6 grade aluminum. The larger channel of the 2-Way Fit ™ rim allows for increased tire dimensions in addition to the possibility of running either clincher or tubeless tires (allowing for lower pressures). Accepting tires ranging from 23mm all the way to 42mm in width the Racing 3 DB wheelset is, with the right tires, easily adapted to nearly any discipline.

Not only do wider rims and their corresponding wider tires confer more comfort but considering the added braking power coming from modern road disc systems, the increased contact patch where the rubber meets the road confers better stopping power on all surfaces. 

Two-to-One™ spoke ratio ensures that what are essentially asymmetric structures perform in a symmetric and therefore efficient manner. Double the spokes located on the side of highest torque application effectively functions as a brace against torsion and allows power transfer to translate into forward movement.

To ensure that none of its performance attributes are wasted via friction the Racing 3 DB incorporates the micro-adjustment preload system on its cup and cone bearings. A technology that trickles down from professional road racing wheels, this system allows the rider to fine tune the movement of the wheels with the help of only an allen key. 

Lower tire pressures, bigger tire dimensions, better grip, wider rim structure, increased comfort and better braking make for a long list of advantages that only a performance wheelset can bestow upon ride quality. The criteria for performance around this very versatile wheelset might be different but there is no denying that it is performance oriented but with a valuable dose of extreme versatility included. There are few better choices for the cyclist looking for the right tool for the job. The 1660 gram Racing 3 DB oddly enough is the right tool for many different jobs and as such meets your every need.

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