E-Racing 4

E-Racing 4

02 November 2020

The ideal solution to enjoy your rides on the new road or gravel e-bikes.

Aware of the constant growth in e-bikes, we have developed the first all-round wheel specifically for this market segment. We have a proven track record in the E-MTB world and we have applied this technical expertise to the latest evolution of current bikes and new way of cycling. E-bikes let you ride further and for longer, or try new routes (or adventures even) that previously seemed impossible. Now you can attempt them more easily and enjoy the views. An approach to cycling that is free of restrictions and that leaves ample space for the cyclist’s personal choices.

In recent years the motors used on road and gravel bikes have also become increasingly powerful, as the performance levels have increased. This has revealed the need for a specific wheel designed to support the greater loads, in terms of weight and torsional stress, at play on the wheel components.

At the same time, in order to fully enjoy the evolution of the frame/motor system, bikes must be as light and easy to handle as possible. This is where wheels play a fundamental role and where the reliability that is the hallmark of all our projects really comes into its own.  

We began by developing a specific rim profile, with an inner rim width of 22 mm (ideal for tyres between 30 and 45 mm), special self-locking long head nipples and project-specific spokes. As we discovered when we developed the E-MTB wheels, the motor increases the load on the freewheel, which has to support greater torsional loads for longer periods too. This is where we focused our attention. Seeing as the freewheel body is the contact point where the drive force is transferred from the cassette to the wheel body, it is subject to higher stresses due to the increased power and jerks caused by the activation of the motor. This led us to use a tempered steel freewheel body, with specific internals, able to support a tensile strength greater than 30%. The results of lab analysis on the behaviour of the single pawls on cycles higher than a billion are clear: the life of cemented steel is estimated to be 2 times higher than Ergal models used for traditional road models.   

This, alongside other technical specifics, guarantee a longer life and reliability, even in the most demanding uses. We are so confident in the ability of these wheels that we guarantee the E-Racing 4 up to 135 kg for bike, rider and luggage (backpack or bike packing bags, etc.).

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