20 November 2020

You talk the talk, but do you walk the walk?


We love bikes and everything we do at Fulcrum is driven by what we desire for our own bikes. It's our mission and our goal. And there's no better way to put this philosophy in practice than by pedalling!

From majestic Dolomite mountain peaks to the streets of New York; from the timeless strade bianche of Tuscany to the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa. A passion for bikes is an integral part of all our lives and this passion pushes us to explore roads across the world.
Each one of us lives cycling in their own unique way, whether it’s international road and MTB Gran Fondo’s, ultra-cycling events covering hundreds of kilometres, cyclocross championships (including singlespeed events, just to cover all bases), or long family holidays with bikes in tow. When you put all these different experiences together, you can see that there’s quite a challenge between us colleagues.
Some examples? 
As far as road Gran Fondo’s are concerned, we have taken part in the Maratona dles Dolomites, the Gran Fondo New York and the Cape Town Cycle Tour. 
In the longer randonnée events we have completed the Tour d’Ortles, the legendary mountain brevet and the winter Solstice Randonnée. Covering 200 km at night along the shores of Lake Garda, during the shortest day of the year, this event has by now become a classic cold season event. Pure magic.
Moving onto MTB Gran Fondos, we have stood on the start line of the Sellaronda Hero, the 3Epic, the Lessinia Legend and the Dolomiti Superbike. For longer distances we have taken part in the Tuscany Trail, the Veneto Gravel and the Veneto Trail (more than once, as it’s practically our home event). Without forgetting the Italy Divide, the French Divide and the Iberica Traversa. Singlespeed cyclocross, the craziest cyclocross races in the calender, has seen us take part in the World and European Championships.

What a bike gives you

You might be asking yourself, why? 
Why do we do it? For fun, but that’s not all. We believe in cycling as a sport and as a sustainable means of transport. Bikes not only help you stay in shape but they also teach you something. After all, climbing a mountain is a bit like overcoming obstacles in life: you need strength, endurance, patience and resilience.
Getting to know a bike, its nuances, testing it along roads and trails, means becoming one with the bike. It’s the best way to focus our passion for cycling in researching, designing and constructing our wheels. Because passion generates expertise: you do things, first of all because you enjoy them and not because you have to do them. This applies to everyone, including us.
Like all jobs, there are problems, difficulties and bad days. But it doesn’t take much for our work to become, once again, our passion, as if by magic.

Ride fast… #fulcrumfast

Team Fulcrum was the inevitable outcome of this passion: a Strava group reserved for employees and associates, where, in various challenges, we enjoy racing for KOM/QOM on roads near and far.
Cycling is also (and especially) enjoyable when shared. Every year we organise social rides amongst colleagues, where riding and testing ourselves become one with the pleasure of being together. Although we have to keep these rides low key, as we would run the risk of creating a road block!
Passion generates expertise and it is a formidable driving force and a continuous stimulus at work and outside of it. We believe that a better version of every existing type of wheel can be conceived and developed. This is our goal. When you ride a bike, after all, you’re always looking at the road ahead.