Red Passion 29

This attention to detail makes all the difference especially when you need to trust your mtb wheels in a decisive moment. 

Discipline: cross-country, marathon
EUR 6 Bolts: 898 - AFS: 909


price909 Euro (920 AFS)
tyre typetubeless ready
tyre widthfrom 2.0" to 2.5"
wheel diameter29”
disciplinecross country - marathon
weight1398 g
wheel materialAluminum
rim materialAluminum
rim heightfront and rear: 16 mm
rim width24 mm, 21 mm internal
brakes6 bolts or AFS
braking surface6 bolts or AFS
front axle compatibiliyQR/HH15
rear axle compatibiliyQR/HH12/XD
spokes: front28
spokes: rear28
spokes: materialStainless steel
spokes: profile technologyRounded, straight pull
front hubCarbon, Aluminum flanges
rear hubCarbon, Aluminum flanges
bearingsCup & Cone bearing system, Adjustable
otherAluminum Axle
qr compatibilityyes
xx1 compatibilityyes
WEIGHT LIMIT 90 kg (Cyclist)
Mtb rims - Red Passion 29

The rim

The aluminum mtb rims have an ultra-low, milled profile to keep the lowest peripheral weight possible, making the wheel extremely reactive.
This specific shape also provides excellent impact resistance.
Asymmetric: the rim shape has been studied to improve the tensions, balancing the forces coming from the brakes and cassette.
Tubeless ready: over the time tubeless has been established as the preferred solution for the high-end wheels, as it ensures better handling and protection against punctures. Red Passion is ready for the transformation: thanks to a special contoured and reinforced mtb rims profile that adheres more easily to the tire, while fitting is easy and safe.


The carbon hub and aluminum flange are features of a project that focuses on excellence in material choice as well as in performance.
The new hub system allows the switch from one standard to another, through axle or XD, simply by changing adapters.
These mtb wheels are easily adapted and fitted to all frame standards ready for the next ride!
The freehub body will be submitted to Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation treatment in the laboratory. Despite the thickness of the material being reduced to the minimum, the duration and strength are maintained with the benefit of a lower weight.
Red Passion 29 - Hubs
Red Passion 29 - Bearings


The Cup and cone bearings system: extremely easy ball-bearing adjustment.
Reduction of ball-bearing play, increased smoothness, reduction of weight and greater efficiency over time.

Spokes and nipples

Aluminum nipples: make it possible to reduce the peripheral mass of the mtb wheels to the minimum, thus increasing its reactivity.
Stainless steel spokes.
Red Passion 29 - Spokes and nipples