Fulcrum SPEED Family gets "Fulcrumfaster"

Fulcrum SPEED Family gets "Fulcrumfaster"

23 August 2017


New Clincher Versions and Exciting Tech Included in SPEED 40C and 55C Wheels.


While professional riders who count on going #fulcrumfast enough to finish ahead of the competition look to the options offered by the Fulcrum speed wheels, the rest of us do not have the luxury of a team car with fresh wheels following behind in our rides and races. 

The Fulcrum engineering team has worked tirelessly to produce two solutions that will bring not only the speed and performance needed to win races on the world stage but do so in a more versatile package that leaves the rider with an added element of autonomy.

Introducing the newest members of the Speed family: SPEED 40C and SPEED 55C. Two wheelsets that bring enough performance to satisfy even the most demanding professional athlete but do so in a clincher specific construction. 


The SPEED 40C is perhaps the most versatile offering that sits at the pinnacle of the Fulcrum road range. Its 40mm rim profile offers a significant aerodynamic advantage while not being high enough to represent a risk from crosswinds. Deep enough to slice through the wind and create a rigid and reactive structure but low enough to keep weight to a bare minimum (1420gr – pair) make the SPEED 40C equally potent on any terrain or course your riding can put in front of it. 40mm deep but also wider and perfectly designed to offer a 17C channel, perfect for both 25 and 28mm clincher tires make for a true modern racing wheel in terms of tire/rim interface and the performance that comes along with it. 


While the Speed 40C excels by way of its versatility, the SPEED 55C stands out due to its excellence at performing tasks that are a bit more specific. 55mm makes for a much deeper profile and one that offers not only extreme aerodynamic advantages but also a larger rotating mass capable of maintaining the high speeds of flatter races, time trials and triathlon cycling legs. Despite their deep profile seemingly adept at flatter terrains the 1470gr weight for the pair make the 55C a viable solution even for courses involving a great deal of climbing and the 17C width, perfect for 25 and 28mm tires, makes for surefooted high speed descents and cornering. 


The newest two members of the SPEED family are more than just clincher versions of the 40 and 55mm tubular wheels used by professionals and demanding amateurs alike. In addition to incorporating the all of the same technologies that make their tubular brethren so very competitive (Two-to-one™ spoke ratio, oversized driveside rear flange, USB ceramic bearings) the Fulcrum engineering team set forth to innovate even further the extremely sophisticated carbon fiber rim for both 40mm and 55mm profiles.


New fibers and orientations have been implemented to push the limits of the SPEED family even further. While the new “longitudinal twill” design of the fibers offer a fresh and new look, the aesthetics advantages come about as a convenient by-product of engineering a stronger yet more elastic complete final structure. The result is a resistant and reactive rim that is also capable of absorbing road vibration, thus keeping the rider fresher and better connected to the road.  To keep the look consistent this new and advanced carbon layup finds itself implemented into the construction of the front hub as well. 


In addition to keeping the SPEED family #fulcrumfast moving forward, a great deal of research and development has gone into slowing them down.

A fast wheel is only as good as the control it offers to the rider and the all-new AC3, or ALL CONDITIONS CARBON CONTROL, brake track technology incorporated into both the 40C and 55C offers an unprecedented braking performance sure to impress from the first deceleration. The new technology incorporates laser treatment upon the brake track, eliminating all traces of resin, and allowing pads to brake on a more surefooted and planar carbon surface. While braking performance improves across the board, in wet conditions the AC3 excels with stopping distances more than 30% shorter when compared to previous versions.

Thanks to the introduction of the two newest members of the SPEED family it is no longer necessary to have a professional contract to ride like the pros. Take advantage of the same speed, acceleration and reactivity that propel them towards victory without the need to worry about the risk of flatting unsupported.  No matter the discipline or the route or whether you choose clincher or tubular, there is now a SPEED solution for your quest to go #fulcrumfast.

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