Red Passion 3

Red Passion 3

01 July 2016

Because passion isn’t reserved only for the top-end


The Red Passion wheelset was first introduced in 2015 and has enjoyed a great deal of success and earned respect from cyclists both of the professional and amateur level for its performance characteristics in addition to its sturdy build. A highly technical wheel that is extremely reliable, the Red Passion quickly became a reference point of sorts for Cross Country and XC Marathon cyclists. Such a solid and universally respected wheel made this wheel one for the wish list of the majority of XC riders. With the all new RED PASSION 3, that wish can be granted to a wider audience.

The Red Passion 3 aims to offer a solid, competition ready wheel with a performance that mimics that of the Red Passion as closely as possible, at a price point that is more accessible to a larger audience of off-road riders and racers. The Fulcrum engineers worked diligently to produce a wheel that maintained the personality and character of the original Red Passion wheel while incorporating slightly less extreme technical solutions and specs. The result is an undeniable Red Passion quality and performance that adds very few grams of weight to the wheel and leaves a bit more in your wallet.

 Just like its premium level counterpart, the Red Passion 3’s lightweight structure comes in grand part due to its extremely low profiled aluminum rim.  Its featherweight and low profile rim is 21mm wide but only 20 mm tall. Such a low profile rim reduces peripheral weight, thus increases the reactivity of the wheel in addition to less mass to haul up steep ascents. Instead of the extreme solution of shedding weight via a sophisticated carbon fiber hub, the Red Passion 3 incorporates an advanced design for an aluminum hub combined with standard cartridge bearings, thus still keeping weight low without adding cost. 

The low profile of the Red Passion 3’s rim also incorporates an asymmetric design in what is an already asymmetric component as a result of the need to compensate for cassette and disc brake rotors. The asymmetric rim design allows for optimized spoke tension and compensates for the asymmetric power transfer from the drivetrain as well as the tension deriving from extreme braking forces. In other words, asymmetric design converts asymmetrically applied forces into a linear and symmetric output.

The meticulously studied and developed rim has been constructed to be Tubeless Ready and will be delivered already taped just as with the Red Passion. Should you choose to ride with inner-tubes, conversion is simple and quick. In addition to the versatility offered with regards to tire choice, the Red Passion incorporates a hub that is compatible with all standards through the use of different adaptors. For the increasingly popular BOOST standard there is a separate version of this fantastic wheelset available. (a solution via adaptors would be counterintuitive towards the advantage of this specific standard)

Although the freewheel bodies are interchangeable the Red Passion 3 offers the option to buy a wheelset with either HG or XD drivers already installed in order to ensure you get the configuration you need right out of the box without having to worry about purchasing additional components and having to swap over after the fact.

 All of this technology and performance un a robust and reliable package that tips the scales at a scant 1500 grams places this wheel amongst the lightest in its class…while maintaining the tough and resistant construction that Fulcrum riders have come to expect. Actually, such a lightweight package situates this wheelset close to what some competitors market as their top range wheelset making the Red Passion 3 an extremely great value for its price as well.

The entire fulcrum line of wheels is made to perform day in and day out, keeping you riding hard and doing what you love. The Red Passion is made by passionate cyclists for passionate riders. No matter if you choose Red Passion or Red Passion 3, fell confident that Fulcrum has put a great deal of work into ensuring that your each and every ride is memorable. 

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