Red Fire 5

Red Fire 5

04 August 2017

New 27.5” Enduro wheelset brings the heat.


The Enduro discipline is a complicated one as it combines two very different styles of off road riding and demands the best from both worlds. A wheel that is to excel in Enduro competition must have a dual sole of sorts: it must climb like a XC wheel yet be as resistant as a wheel built for DH. The Red Fire 5 aims to be the one wheel that comes closest to this lofty goal and it does so in Fulcrum style.
Every effort was made to keep the wheel as light as possible while focusing on the strongest and most resistant construction possible. The Red Fire 5 gobbles up the rough stuff and takes on the most demanding trails low profile and wide channel design. Only 20mm high to keep the grams down, but 27C wide to ensure a steady base that will keep the most efficient form of the tire on even the severest corners or obstacles. Compatibile with clinchers but also constructed with 2-Way Fit Ready construction in order to allow hassle-free tubeless conversion with the aid of the included kit. The 28 straight pull, rounded 1.8mm steel spokes on both front and rear wheels serve to make for a more solid unit while conferring an added degree of reactivity, helpful to accelerate quickly out of the many turns on any given course. 

The front hub is produced in HH15 – 100mm format and the rear in HH12- 142 or 135mm. However, the appropriate kit is capable of converting them to either QR or Boost standard, making this wheel perfect no matter the frame it is intended to improve.

Versatility is key in a wheel such as the Red Fire 5 and its ability to bring forth an energy efficient and nimble climbing personality along with the all-important handling and resistance on severely demanding trails is a testament to its credibility as a enduro/trail wheel.

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