Fulcrum Introduces New Disc Family

Fulcrum Introduces New Disc Family

03 agosto 2017

Racing 4, 5, 6 and 7 DB Brings Disc Across the Board


While the Fulcrum Racing lineup is a large one, there is a sort of family within a family represented by the wide variety of initial offering wheelsets. These initial offerings come in the form of Racing 4, 5, 6 and 7 and are not new names to the marketplace but rather consolidated models that have each and every one garnered a great deal of respect amongst the cyclist who have trusted in them. Always pushing the boundaries of performance and consistently aiming to fulfill the needs of the ever-evolving modern cyclist Fulcrum saw fit to overhaul the entire family. The Racing 4, 5, 6 and 7 wheelsets will not only all come in AFS disc brake format but will each take on a personality specifically tailored to individual rider personality. 


Racing 4 DB


The Racing 4 DB with its 35mm profile brings the versatility of mid profile aerodynamics that were previously only available on expensive carbon wheels to a wider audience. Solid and precise, reactive and raceready the Racing 4 DB and its C-17 class rim perfect for 25mm tires, comes with a cornucopia of sophisticated solutions such as straight head spokes and specifically engineered hub flanges. Versatility however does not come only from the rim’s medium profile stance but also from its 2-Way Fit Ready™ construction, allowing you to fit either tubeless or clincher tires upon the same rim. The 1690gr wheelset is equally at home in race conditions as well as in high intensity training scenarios. 



Racing 5 DB


While the focus of the Racing 4 DB centers on aerodynamics, the Racing 5 looks to keep weight low and stability high in the event of cross winds. A lower profile rim measuring just 26mm in depth not only makes for increased stability and lower rotational mass but also reduces weight to a scant 1610gr for the pair. 100gr lighter than the previous version by the same name The Racing 5 DB tend to be more of a climber’s wheel that is ready to perform over any course. Straight pull spokes, disc specific hub and a 2-Way Fit Ready™ construction make for a sophisticated wheel in its own right that caters to climbers but is a perfect all around wheel for any athlete, road or cross as he or she may prefer. 



Racing 6 DB


The Racing 6 DB represents the initial offering from the Fulcrum line-up and brings the highly respected quality from the rest of the range and offers it to a wider audience. The classic style hub with J-bend spokes adds an air of classic performance and reliability to a new and modern wheelset. At a very interesting 1690gr for a pair of road disc wheels the Racing 6 DB is a perfect solution for not only great training wheels but a great way to enter into the world of Fulcrum quality wheels for those sportive riders looking for something more.  2-Way Fit Ready™ construction makes for a very versatile package at an initial offering price point.



Racing 7 DB


With the gravel discipline on the rise and many cyclists riding over mixed terrain, Fulcrum set out to develop a solution better tailored to the unique needs that these rides present. Cyclists enjoying this type of riding predominantly choose disc brake configurations as it permits larger tires and surefooted stopping power. Introducing the Fulcrum Racing 7 DB with a wider rim design perfect for 28 to 50mm tires. The wider C19 stance allows for a more solid structure and better rim/tire interface in the event of larger tires and uneven terrains commonly associated with gravel riding. Lower profile and wider stance have proven to be key elements in improving the riding experience for adventure/gravel riding along with the possibility to run a tubeless set up thanks to the 2-Way Fit Ready™ construction. The Fulcrum family within a family is comprised of Racing 4, 5, 6 and 7 and the different personalities of each member of this family ensure that no matter your preferred style of riding or personal needs, you will find one whose personality suits you perfectly!


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