Racing Zero Carbon: a new look addition to the catalogue

Racing Zero Carbon: a new look addition to the catalogue

17 November 2017

Racing Zero Carbon, the first wheel to combine aluminum spokes and carbon rim, was revealed during the 2015 season. 

Immediately striking due to its idea, this unique wheel then proved popular on the road, thanks to its truly outstanding performance in its category.

Launch of the new generation, available from season 2018, will see arrival of the new completely redesigned rim, which enhances the technical qualities of "Twill" carbon made in Fulcrum.

The wheel is even stiffer and lightning-quick when accelerating, improving power transmission and structure resistance under maximum stress.

These evident characteristics immediately reveal the spirit behind development of this project: to be the peak of technology and performance in the “Racing Zero” range.

Braking too has evolved: AC3, All Conditions Carbon Control, is the name of the new laser technology used on the braking track that shortens distances and improves feeling, especially in more difficult conditions. 

This is basically not a wheel for everyone, one that transfers every centimeter of asphalt to the handlebars and requires a decisive rider.  The more you push it, the more it gives back. Indefinitely.

The new Racing Zero Carbon has an aggressive, very dark, new look, but we well know that not everyone has the same taste and so from today a new "Bright" version will be introduced. 

This color variant is ideal for those wanting to fit it to a light colored frame, for those who like a more “racing” look wheel or for those who just prefer it. Two colors, same performance.


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