Fulcrum SPEED T Family

Fulcrum SPEED T Family

05 luglio 2016

Go #fulcrumfast with the fastest Fulcrums


The Fulcrum performance line of racing wheels has enjoyed enormous success with the Racing Speed XLR but the Fulcrum R&D department isn’t one to leave good enough alone and in the effort to build upon such a victorious wheelset gave birth to the SPEED family. Quietly tested last year in World Tour competition underneath the Lampre Merida team, initial feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Through tight collaboration with top professional riders, further improvement to the initial prototypes tested under the pros was made and the SPEED 40T was born. A testament to the SPEED’s professional pedigree it was made only in tubular version.

This fantastic wheelset is the next step in the continuous evolution of the Racing Speed family and ushers in a new look at just what makes Fulcrum wheels so fast and dependable. A complete redesign from its preceding versions, sophisticated technologies and new solutions were incorporated where useful while other characteristics have been carried over in an effort only to improve performance.

Gone are the 35 and 50 mm profiles as they make way for the meticulously researched new 40 and 55mm carbon fiber rims. The 40mm rim offers a very versatile solution that is light enough for the steep climbs, reactive enough for the sprint and aero enough to give a performance advantage in the flats. The 55mm offers added aerodynamic benefit and while perhaps slightly less versatile than the 40 mm version, is also a loyal companion in the mountains in addition to redefining #fulcrumfast on the flats.

 Not only are the new SPEED T wheels slightly deeper but also wider than their predecessors. The new 24.2mm wide profile aids in aerodynamics by forming a more efficient tire/rim interface while also offering a more stable platform for the increasingly popular larger tire widths. The wider rim profile has allowed the engineering team to add stiffness while adding minimal material thus keeping weight down and performance high for both models. The absence of spoke holes on the outer surface of the rim, thanks to the tested and proven MoMag system, allows for an even stiffer and sturdier construction with more efficient employment of material.  Sophisticated construction methods allow for the rim to come directly from the mold with its spoke holes already in place, thus avoiding any drilling that could compromise the structural integrity of the carbon fiber.  In other words, increased grip, handling, comfort and reactivity without any excess weight …all in a highly advanced construction that ensures durability and safety.

The full carbon rims of both the 40mm and 55mm versions are made with a 3K finish and are not only lightweight but also extremely performance oriented and durable as well. Fulcrum carbon fiber technology plays a large part in setting these wheels a world apart from the competition and not only is the carbon fiber specifically engineered and optimized for specific use in these rims but even the resin between the fibers has been studied meticulously and optimized. The specially developed HTG resin utilized in the Speed 40t and 55t gives the carbon used in their construction a vitreous transition at a higher temperature than any other carbon fiber used in the cycling industry. This allows for more aggressive compounds in specifically developed brake pads and when coupled with the patented 3Diamant technology gives the SPEED family unparalleled braking performance in all situations.

While many aspects of the original SPEED family wheelsets’ design have been improved to create the all-new 40 and 55mm versions, some aspects have been carried over where performance was already so far above the mark that improvement would prove to be a difficult task indeed. CULT ceramic bearings are perhaps some of the most efficient bearings that the cycling world has ever seen and as such are incorporated also into this new family of SPEED wheels. The special material with which both the bearings and their seat are made are highly resistant to corrosion and as such require no grease but rather only a small drop of oil, thus reducing the friction coefficient substantially. Combine this with the most sophisticated bearing and seat material available and precision machining down to the micron and you have a system that is 9 times smoother than standard bearings found on most road and triathlon wheelsets.

The #fulcrumfast hashtag has been redefined and the speed limit has been raised thanks to these two new exceptional wheels. Increased performance in all areas are sure to please even the most demanding rider of the World Tour. The proof comes not from a press release but rather the results in real world competition…such as the two Giro d’Italia stage victories taken by Diego Ulissi in May of 2016 atop Fulcrum SPEED T wheels.  Extreme performance wheelsets are now available to cyclists the world over the they go by the name of Fulcrum SPEED. 

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