04 September 2017

Fulcrum’s No-Compromise Disc Brake Race-Day Wheelset


A true racing wheelset cannot accept any compromise if it is to drive its rider to victory and it is with this in mind that the Fulcrum engineers designed every single component of the new Speed 55T DB with specifically one objective: victory. The prestigious pedigree is undeniable and with the introduction of this completely new model, the Fulcrum engineers aimed not to merely continue with the same level of performance but to create a completely new level of DB race wheel. As the rim brake versions Speed 40 and 55 have come to represent a performance standard in professional racing as the pinnacle of the Fulcrum brand, so too does the new Speed 55T DB represent the most extreme DB wheel produced for road racing.

The new standard in disc brake road-racing wheelsets comes with every single detail designed around the unique forces that come from disc brakes while maintaining and even improving upon the performance attributes that have come to represent the Speed family. The Speed 55T DB uses a completely new, lightweight Fulcrum carbon fiber rim that takes on a meticulously studied aerodynamic profile. Made from “longitudinal twill” carbon fiber that retains extreme rigidity and reactivity but that also confers an element of increased elasticity. As a result, it provides a snappy and quick response in addition to great power transfer all offering a ride quality less harsh than what has been previously associated with deeper profile wheels. The 55mm profile comes in a completely new aero specific design that confers wind-cheating performance from straight winds but have been optimized to offer control and aero benefits in the commonly found crosswind situation.

Wind tunnel development allowed for a final product that would provide aerodynamic benefits on the road and saw modifications such as a new, wider 8mm nose and a mid-profile width of nearly 26,5mm. While aerodynamics are nothing new for road wheels, aerodynamics for disc brake wheelset represent a new challenge all together. The profile of the SPEED 55T DB is designed to be as aerodynamically efficient in a variety of wind situations but do so in a manner that takes into consideration the particular shape and turbulences that the added variable of the disc and caliper represent. The overall design of the rim took into account the c17 class rim width at tire side and makes it not only perfect for 25mm tubular tires, but aerodynamically optimized for them.

 A #fulcrumfast rim needs an equally fast hub and the Speed 55T DB’s disc brake specific design is truly up to the task. Carbon fiber is the material of choice for the front hub body in order to keep the construction light while not sacrificing rigidity. Alternatively, the rear hub is made from aluminum in order to compensate for torsional stress created by the asymmetric nature of the drivetrain. The aluminum, oversized flanges on both front and rear allows for the perfect angle for the double butted, stainless steel aerodynamic spokes. The wheelset uses Two-to-one configuration to ensure optimum and symmetric power transfer in the rear and a more linear and symmetric performance on the front wheel. Cup and cone design allows the rider to keep the Speed 55T DB’s industry leading CULT ceramic bearings running smoothly with the perfect amount of preload. 9 times smoother performance than industry standard cartridge bearings, the incorporation of CULT makes an impressive wheel unbelievable right from the first km.

Available in either AFS or 6 bolt configurations the Speed 55T DB comes in HH12-100mm front and HH12-142 rear spacing. No adaptors needed for this new, stellar wheel as it adopts the definitive standard moving forward for road DB. A literal cornucopia of extreme technology this wheelset represents the pinnacle of Fulcrum’s performance wheel line up and in doing so sets a new speed standard for the relatively new segment of road disc. It is another way of making life easier for the demanding cyclist by eliminating the guesswork associated with choosing his or her componentry. If speed, control and ultimately victory are what he or she is looking for, there is but one choice: SPEED 55T DB.

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