We spent hours and hours in wind tunnels. We studied the effects of rolling on the structure of the rim to make a wheel dedicated to the very essence of speed, when average speeds are really high and every watt has to count.
The new 55 mm design is the latest response to the historic challenge of headwinds and attrition.
EUR 2548


tyre typeTubular
tyre size28"
weight1280 g.
rim materialCarbon
rim material detailsFull carbon, 3K - carbon fiber finishing
rim height categoryHigh
rim heightFront and rear 55 mm
rim width24,2 mm
tyre widthFrom 25 mm 
braking systemCaliper
braking surface/braking options3K carbon fiber braking surface. AC3 treatment on braking surface
front axle compatibilityQR
rear axle compatibilityQR
front wheel spokes18 (9 left + 9 right)
rear wheel spokes21, Two to one (7 left + 14 right)
spokes materialStainless steel, double butted
spokes profile technologyAero, straight pull
front hubCarbon, Aluminum flanges
rear hubCarbon, Aluminum oversize flange
bearingsCULT ceramic bearings. Adjustable Cup & Cones bearing system
othersPlasma treated HG freewheel. Aluminum Axle
WEIGHT LIMIT 109 kg (Cyclist)
FWB versionHG11,Campy

The rim

Rim for tubular in 3K carbon, 55 mm high, with 24.2 mm section.
Rim-tubular contact well in 3K carbon for optimum resistance.

The braking track

3K carbon braking track with AC3™ treatment to guarantee power and excellent feel when braking in any condition.

Hubs and flange

CULT™ ceramic bearings, the maximum in terms of smoothness thanks to the use ofspecial reduced lubricant bearings.
Conecup technology with absolute performance.
Carbon hubs with oversize aluminum flange and Two-to-One™ technology to transmit all the power to the ground.

Spokes and nipples

Variable aero spokes (18 front, 21 rear) in steel, aluminum nipples. Thanks the light weight they reduce the peripheral mass, enemy of reactivity.