Racing Speed 35

The Fulcrum® Racing Speed 35 is the go-to wheel for the athlete looking for the top in all areas.
Extremely versatile, these carbon road bike wheels excel in all situations; extremely lightweight as reactive if not more so than higher profile wheels, perfect for cross-wind situations and great aerodynamics for both the descents as well as the flats.
Not only is it exceptional at increasing speeds climbing, sprinting and descending, this wheelset incorporates the new 3Diamant™ surface treatment which ensures surefooted braking performance in both wet and dry conditions.
Available also in the Dark Label version.


tyre typeTubular
tyre size28"
weight1260 g.
rim materialCarbon
rim material detailsFull Carbon, 3K fiber finishing
rim height categoryMedium
rim heightFront and rear: 35 mm
rim width20 mm
tyre width From 23 mm 
braking systemCaliper
braking surface/braking options3K carbon fiber braking surface. 3Diamant treatment on braking surface.
front axle compatibilityQR
rear axle compatibilityQR
front wheel spokes18 (9 left + 9 right)
rear wheel spokes21, Two to one (7 left + 14 right)
spokes materialStainless steel, double butted
spokes profile technologyAero, straight pull
front hubAluminum, Aluminum flanges
rear hubAluminum, Aluminum oversize flange
bearingsCup & Cone bearing system, Adjustable
othersAluminum Axle
WEIGHT LIMIT 109 kg (Cyclist)
Road bike rims - Racing Speed 35

The rim

Road bike rims for tubular in 3K carbon, 35 mm high.
Rim-tubular contact well in 3K carbon for optimum resistance.
Exclusive pressing system for the rim in unpainted carbon enables an extremely limited weight and a smooth surface free from imperfections.

3Diamant brake surface treatment

Using advanced machinery and state of the art diamond tipped precision tools, eliminates imperfections.
This new process eliminates the “breaking-in” period, improves braking performance under both wet and dry conditions and creates a more linear and smooth overall braking performance.
Racing Speed 35 - 3Diamant brake surface treatment
Racing Speed 35 - Hubs and flange

Hubs and flange

Cone and cup technology system with absolute performance.
Easy ball/bearing adjustment – reduces possible ball/bearing play – precision operation – maintains performance over time.
Aluminum hubs with oversize aluminum flange and Two-to-One™ technology to transmit all the power to the ground.
Aluminum axle reduces the overall weight of the road bike wheels.

Spokes and nipples

Aero spokes (18 front, 21 rear) in stainless steel with variable cross-section, doubled on the drive side (Two-to-One™).
Aerodynamic profile in steel ensures the maximum aerodynamic penetration and, thanks to the material employed, lower weight and greater reactivity.
Aluminum nipples.
Spokes and nipples - Racing Speed 35