Racing Light XLR tubular

Born to climb mountains. And win!
No road bike wheels are lighter or more agile.
This wheel is designed to confront the toughest ascents and power through every bend.
The full carbon bike rims responds promptly to every pedal stroke and the hubs with CULT™ technology assure the maximum smoothness, unaltered over time.


price2225 Euro
tyre typetubular
tyre widthfrom 21 mm to 28 mm
weight1226 g
wheel materialCarbon
rim materialFull Carbon, 3K fiber
profile heightLow
rim heightfront: 19 mm - rear: 21 mm
rim width20,5 mm
braking systemCaliper
braking surface3K carbon fiber braking surface.
front axle compatibiliyQR
rear axle compatibiliyQR
spokes: front22
spokes: rear24 (8 left + 16 right), Two to one
spokes: materialStainless steel, double butted
spokes: profile technologyAero, straight pull
front hubCarbon, Aluminum flanges
rear hubCarbon, Aluminum oversize flange
bearingsCULT ceramic bearings, adjustable Cup & Cones bearing system
otherAluminum Axle
Carbon bike rims - Racing Light XLR tubular

The rim

Low profile full carbon: extremely limited weight.
Very high lateral stiffness and reactivity values for the wheel.
Exclusive pressing system for the rim in unpainted carbon enables an extremely limited weight and a smooth surface free from imperfections.

Hubs and flanges

CULT™ ceramic bearings, the maximum in terms of smoothness thanks to the use of special reduced lubricant bearings.
The cone and cup technology with absolute performance: easy ball/bearing adjustment – reduces possible ball/bearing play – precision operation – maintains performance over time.
Carbon hubs with oversize aluminum flange and Two-to-One™ technology to transmit all the power to the ground.
Aluminum axle reduces the overall weight of the wheel.
Racing Light XLR tubular - Hubs and flanges
Racing Light XLR tubular - Oversize flange

Oversize flange

Oversized flange on the drive side provides greater torsional stiffness, increases reactivity at any change of the rhythm of the pedal stroke.

Aerodynamic profil in steel

Aero spokes (22 front, 24 rear) in stainless steel with variable cross-section, doubled on the drive side(Two-to-One™).
Aerodynamic profile in steel ensures the maximum aerodynamic penetration and, thanks to the material employed, lower weight and greater reactivity.
Aluminum nipples.
Racing Light XLR tubular - Aerodynamic profil in steel